Links and Resources

This is a collection of resources that I highly recomend for anyone wishing to delve deeper into listening or body-awareness or just to explore fascinating stuff.

The fluid body

Nutritious Movement


Liberated Body – Webpage and podcast to re-discover your wonderous body

John Sharky – Great blog on biotensegrity

Anatomy Trains. For fascia-nerds

Centre for mindful body awareness

Bliss+Grit. Great podcast of embodiment, somatic practises and spirituality

European Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts – Courses for body and mind with great teachers

Aural explorations

Aural Sonology – Emergent Musical Forms

Musicworks – for curious ears

Verdensteatret – Crossover dreaming

The sound of glass..

Weird instruments and where to find them..

The art of improvisation from a true master

Imaginative composers

George Crumb

Lasse Thoresen

Rolf Wallin

Imaginative dreaming

Ballet versus Theatre versus subconsious versus nightmare – The incredible world of Philippe Genty

Those who make it happen..

Litterary dreaming

Keith Miller

Nick Bantock – Art and litterature entwined

Shaun Tan – The twilight world

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