In order to judge the outcome of a practice session most of us tend to have a set of qualifiers, -things which we take as a sign that we have either succeeded or failed in what we are doing. But the type of qualifiers we use are closely linked to how efficient we are. And how well our body functions during playing.

Survival through imagination. The tranformational power of figure theater

Listening to music is like any other sensory-based experience: it involves experiencing something through a personal lens of perception. Awareness of our own lenses of perception not only makes us able to have a richer experience of art, it also makes us less prone to personal bias or unconscious prejudice. But what about those experiences which actually demands that we add to them something of our own in order for us to be able to experience their magic? This blog article goes into this through the personal angel of my own family history.

Proprioception – the physiological reality behind a “natural” technique

It is said that a concert pianist has fine motor-control skills with a degree of coordination which exceeds that of a brain surgeon during operations. To perform of piece of music which demands that each finger, each joint of that finger and each muscle in the hand, arm and body cooperates and contributes to the … Continue reading Proprioception – the physiological reality behind a “natural” technique

The effortlessness of the expert

It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless - Steven Sondheim When we witness an expert performer in music or in sport the word "effortless" often springs to mind. However, most people are (hopefully) aware of the amount of work actually needed to reach this level of mastery. Therefor "effort-less" can´t necessarily mean that something is "without effort". … Continue reading The effortlessness of the expert

Where does the music end and the listenig begin?

Musical jiggsaw-puzzles at Kamfest 2016 Our perception of reality is a highly individual matter: every day our mind is occupied by trying to create coherence between an unimaginable amount of fragments brought to us through our different senses. It is a bit like a game: you're given certain pieces but how you combine them is … Continue reading Where does the music end and the listenig begin?

An artistic meeting beyond time. RIP Pierre Boulez

Last Tuesday, the 5 of January the great composer, conductor and pianist Pierre Boulez passed into eternity. As a lifetime explorer of new musical dimensions he has, for me, been a great source of inspiration. The following is an imagined meeting which I personally would have loved to witness and a small tribute to the … Continue reading An artistic meeting beyond time. RIP Pierre Boulez