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Pianist, lecturer, Timani teacher, listening guide, composer, improviser, music writer, tango dancer, piano teacher

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This is the podcast of the founder of Timani, Tina Margareta Nilssen, about embodied musicianship and explorations into the vast landscape of music, mind and body.

I was very honored to be interviewed about my experiences with exploring musical expression faced with the experience of growing up with a body that didn´t (and sometimes doesn´t) seem to have quite the same agenda as the ego, and how the need for artistic expression sometimes can seem to overwhelm our own body and challenge the limits of expression we think we can allow ourself.

Proprioception – the physiological reality behind a “natural” technique

It is said that a concert pianist has fine motor-control skills with a degree of coordination which exceeds that of a brain surgeon during operations. To perform of piece of music which demands that each finger, each joint of that finger and each muscle in the hand, arm and body cooperates and contributes to the…

Bevegelse som næringsstoff. Er du en ubevisst kroppsbruker?

I dagens samfunn har vi outsourcet bevegelser fra store deler av dagliglivet vårt og erstattet det med stillesittende arbeid som består av forenklede og repeterende bevegelser. Dette kombineres gjerne med korte, intense perioder med trening som, for mange, er synonymt med “bevegelse”. Fordi vi gjerne måler effekten av trening i form av antall timer trent…

The effortlessness of the expert

It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless – Steven Sondheim When we witness an expert performer in music or in sport the word “effortless” often springs to mind. However, most people are (hopefully) aware of the amount of work actually needed to reach this level of mastery. Therefor “effort-less” can´t necessarily mean that something is “without effort”.…