Survival through imagination. The tranformational power of figure theater

Listening to music is like any other sensory-based experience: it involves experiencing something through a personal lens of perception. Awareness of our own lenses of perception not only makes us able to have a richer experience of art, it also makes us less prone to personal bias or unconscious prejudice. But what about those experiences which actually demands that we add to them something of our own in order for us to be able to experience their magic? This blog article goes into this through the personal angel of my own family history.

Everything is connected – entangled senses

Music is known as an efficient emotional trigger, but physiologically speaking our auditory senses has the potential for creating multi-sensory experiences and sometimes making it possible for us to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Among the gastronomic diverse experiences on offer in Berlin you will find the restaurant Unsicht-Bar, a place where the guests dine in … Continue reading Everything is connected – entangled senses

Beauty is in the eyes (and ears) of the beholder

Look closely Have you ever had the time lately to really look at something or someone? Not the quick glance or the romantic eye-gazing but looking as an act of true curiosity and wonder. As children we often indulged in this activity, becoming completely absorbed by the wings of a shiny, black beetle trudging slowly … Continue reading Beauty is in the eyes (and ears) of the beholder