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Podcast alert!

It´s definitely not every day that one gets to be on iTunes!


This is the podcast of the founder of Timani, Tina Margareta Nilssen, about embodied musicianship and explorations into the vast landscape of music, mind and body.

I was very honored to be interviewed about my experiences with exploring musical expression faced with the experience of growing up with a body that didn´t (and sometimes doesn´t) seem to have quite the same agenda as the ego, and how the need for artistic expression sometimes can seem to overwhelm our own body and challenge the limits of expression we think we can allow ourself.

Where does the music end and the listenig begin?

Musical jiggsaw-puzzles at Kamfest 2016 Our perception of reality is a highly individual matter: every day our mind is occupied by trying to create coherence between an unimaginable amount of fragments brought to us through our different senses. It is a bit like a game: you’re given certain pieces but how you combine them is…

Lyd – til glede og besvær

“(..)if you think it´s too loud, it´s way too loud” – Seth Horowitz: The universal Sense: How hearing Shapes the Mind Støy defineres gjerne som uønsket lyd hvilket viser tydelig at det også til en viss grad er et subjektivt og situasjonsbestemt fenomen: en manns støy er en annen manns musikk, en rockekonsert kan være…

Everything is connected – sammenfiltrede sanseopplevelser

Blant Berlins mangefasetterte spisetilbud finner du restauranten Unsicht-Bar, et sted hvor gjestene sitter i stummende mørke og serveres av blinde kelnere. Her skal jeg ikke gå inn i rollen som matkritiker (noe som heller ikke ville gavne restauranten noe videre) men opplevelsen satte i gang noen tanker rundt de forbindelsene som finnes mellom hørsel og…