Where does the music end and the listenig begin?

Musical jiggsaw-puzzles at Kamfest 2016

Our perception of reality is a highly individual matter: every day our mind is occupied by trying to create coherence between an unimaginable amount of fragments brought to us through our different senses. It is a bit like a game: you’re given certain pieces but how you combine them is up to you.

Art and music reflect this essential fact that we humans are not sharing one reality but, rather, perceiving myriads of different possibilities of reality, all interlaced and happening at the same time.

We are all aware that two people might experience the same piece of music or art entirely different. The music or the artwork is the same and yet the experience of it differs. The continued construction of our separate realities is a game which every human being plays continuously, whether we are aware of it or not but once we are aware of it it is possible to use it consciously. Within the world of music this sense of the possibility that lies in co-creation with the listener is more present in particular composers and their works than in others.

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